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British Eventing
BE 2020
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Pony Club
British Riding Clubs
NSEA Rules
FEI Eventing
FEI General Regulations
EventingScores Guidance
Pre-Event Preparation
EventingScores Guidance
Importing entries from Horse-Events
We are working to extend this feature to other Online Entry systems.
EventingScores Guidance
David Lindsay's Guide for Pony Clubs
Showing who has qualified
Recent Changes
January 2024
  • Import entries direct from Horse-Events
  • When importing from an Excel file, able to Auto-Section and Auto-Number
  • Able to select multiple penalties for the same XC fence when live scoring
  • Able to set the total XCJ penalties on the XC Master page
  • Added the 2024 FEI dressage tests
  • Convert the Timetable Plan into a full Timetable
Forthcoming Changes
On the list to be done:
  • Improve the unwanted logouts
  • Optionally show Special Prizes on Running Orders
  • Enhance Add an Entry for better error messages
  • Enhance Add an Entry to copy an existing entry to another class
  • Make it easier to put the Times by Branch page as an Event Page link
BE Prize Money Calculator
The BE Prize Money Calculator is available for you to use here.
Timetable Planner
The Timetable Planner is available for you to use here. You can save your timetables if you are logged in.
Dressage Calculator
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  • Riding Club rounding rules?
  • No of Judges
Your Scores
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  • Judge 2
  • Judge 3
  • Judge 4
  • Judge 5
  • Percentage
  • Penalties
Dressage Crib
  • Header
  • Maximum Marks
  • How many judges
  • Riding Club rounding rules?
  • Start at this %
  • Go to this %
Cross-Country Optimum Time
  • Header
  • Speed
  • Distance (metres)
  • Too Fast Penalties
  • Too Slow Penalties
  • Penalty-free window
  • Time Limit
  • Time Format
  • Optimum Time 4.27
Blank Master ScoreSheets
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Fence Judge Sheets (A4)
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Pony Club version
Pony Club
Cross Country Timesheet
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